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During the production processes there are always workers in great need for reliable protection of their hands from bruising, cuts and high temperatures. Hands are indeed the most exposed, vulnerable and unexchangable part of our body. According to latest research in high develop European countries more than 40% of all injuries during production processes were represented by hands injuries - which makes protection of the hands even more importamt.
We are a company which produces gloves that are used in food industry (bakery, pastry shop). Based on 20 years of our experiences, our costumers' opinions and experts' reviews we have developed new and revolucionary product for hand protection.

There are 2 most Important advantages of our product comparing to clasic gloves: 

1. There is a protective thermal membrane in the top layer of the glove to disable transition of fat trough the glove. By that, fat can not reach the skin and the glove is able to keep the temperature resistance.

2. Inner layer of the glove is made of wool and polyester which - in comparison with clasic glove - extends the time of actual temperature resistance for by 70%.
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